Oooh Yooo Hooo Pea !

You catch anymore fish lately Hows the fishing been ?
Pea is gone ? What are you for?

Are you doing any crab fishing or cod fishing?
Ehm...of course! I am workin on my tale for yea. Have you ever been to sea billy??? Its a whooper, da tale I mean...I have it for yea da meantime momsy, hows things in trail?? Dat place is spooky
Ha never got to go .Thank friggin christ that place is a complete horror show .To much work here the bossman say you no go
Forget the crabs important...its chantrelle and the elusive "pine" feck, I heard those puppies are going for over a hundred a pound..brings out all the crud..mushroom pickin. leaving their human garbage on da forest bad a nice kitty would not come long :P
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