What the Feck

She'll let you know after the black ford bringing pizza arrives

I'm here, is that not enough to make the board "alive"?! I'm off-fended momsy!
Don't be manda You weren't around that night and this place was dead as a doornail
Quote: Originally Posted by mrmom2

Don't be manda You weren't around that night and this place was dead as a doornail

Allright then, *sniff*, I'll put away my kleenex
Momsy yes I am fishin big time, I gots the week off...I gots some good ones to tell about momsy. Hey I just got like 10 pounds of chantrelle this morning...OMG!!!!! yummmyyyyy!! I gots to go bring some to da mama now....and than go get dat fish
It reads like you have all partaken of the spliff/quirley/doobage.
Reverend Blair
Not me though. I just spent an hour picking up some piece of crap door that Mrs. Rev ordered. It's not going to fit either and since it's special order there's no taking it back. Since it's pre-hung there's no cutting it down. I get to fecking re-frame instead.
Lucky yo Rev :P :P
Whats up with the 4 hidden souls on the board tonight .Whatch ya hiding from chickens :P
Reverend Blair

Lucky yo Rev

Lucky has nothing to do with it. I was watching Talledega when she was talking about the door and I said, "Yeah, whatever." Now I suffer the consequences.

Hey...maybe I can sue Bill France?
Talladega Huh I thought you didn't like the roundy round boys :P
Reverend Blair
It's not that I don't like them, it's just that I prefer CART. If NASCAR would make an honest attempt at putting a bunch of road races into the schedule, and make them build cars that would run everywhere, it would be a whole other story. I'd also really like to see CART (not those girly-boys from the IRL) run at Talledega.

The thing you have to remember about CART is that they run the same cars on 1 mile ovals, superspeedways, temporary street courses, and permanent road courses. The drivers need to be able to do it all, and the the cars need to be able to do it all.
I know Its just te Ford thing for me now .Cart was cool when any engine could go in now just Ford Thbstststsststttststs boring .Bring back Chevy hell bring dodge toyota Nissan who ever.One engine manufature Thbststststtstststst

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