National cookie or biscuit

I'd like to see a pot leaf for BC, a big drip of oil for Alberta, mosquito/black fly for Manitoba, grasshopper for Saskatchewan or something, lobster for Nova Scotia, not sure bout the others.

What should we give:

New Brunswick

And should we give Labrador their own cookie?
The post just posted musta been posted by one of those folks who suffer from Multiple Personalities, cuz where did it come from?
Must be Bunnypants going through those viens. If they could decide on their favorite cookie, then they might get a care package from No Nooky Cookie who spends her time in the kitchen, like a mad scientist, inventing cookies and cookie beverages to boot.
That last poster must have eaten the last good cookie if s/he was even concidering a baby-cookie. Who the heck is Loo-Loo, anyways?
I think I need a good cookie after all this talk about them. Is Bunnypants still at Condi's house?
If so, fact so, what are they up to?

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