Hey mrmom?

Ten Packs
You work at the Mill, don't you? My wife works with a woman whose hubby is in the steam-plant. She was saying that he HATES working the night-shift on the Autumn time-change, because you work 13, but only get paid for the regular 12.

? ? ? How the Hell can they pull that off? If you worked 13 hours, you worked 13 hours! In such a strong Union environment, I can't see how they get away with that.....
Ocean Breeze
mr.mom........."has left the building."

Ten Packs
Oh, I'm sure he will be back, tomorrow or the next day.
Ten Packs
bump - I didn't know mom was away.....
I don't know anything about that Ten but if I'm in the steam plant tommorow I'll see what i can find out Chances are pretty good I'll be in there tommorrow I've spent the last week in there on power boiler 3 shutdown
isn't this called turning the clocks back.......seems to me we had this conver before, sometime near day light savings i recall.....

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