Damn - I forgot to mention this.

Ten Packs
Sean, my younger (29) son phoned last night; he got another Promotion, about the fourth in seven years! He is in Vancouver with Canada's largest bank, The Royal, in their Western Head Office. He was working for the Manager of the Dept. that checks and evaluates "medium-sized" loan and mortgage applications (up to 7 figures - after that, they go to Toronto...)
Now he is going to BE the Manager!

Not bad for a guy who, though he had a Bus. Admin. degree, started out as a Teller!

(Sorry, don't mean to brag, but you know what they say about a Dad's pride...)
Very Nice
Ocean Breeze
Congratulations !!!
okay tennie, well we are with the RBC....how 'bout hooking me up with a 7 digit mortgage, what a concept!

good goin'.....by the way, do the employees still get a discount on their own mortgages?????
Right on
Ten Packs
Not that I have heard, but I haven't asked - he still rents, so it hasn't come up.

It's like when I was hired with Imperial Oil - for years there was no discount on gas - their stance was that they pay well enough that you can BUY your own gas.

Eventually, they DID give us special credit cards, that give us 5% off - which only a big deal when you have ABSURD prices like we do now.
Reverend Blair
Mrs. Rev's dad was a bank manager. When they were being transferred around small towns, they got a bank house...basically a place to live with cheap rent. That practice has gone away with time though. Other than that, he got no discounts or anything.

My mother-in-law did point out that they never bought a car that wasn't a repo though, and they always got those cheap because they knew when they were going to auction etc.

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