Ya know....

Reverend Blair
I think I'm going to take my king-sized hangover and go have a nap now. I've tried eating (4 egg cheese and mushroom omelette) and having a beer. Neither has done any good. It's time to dive under a blanket and watch bad Sunday afternoon TV with my eyes closed.
I'm feeling a little peaked myself this morning. I probably drank out of a damp glass last night and caught a cold in my head. Sounds like your "hangover" is a bit worse than mine. If you're on satellite you could tune in Jimmy Swaggert.................a good spew might just fix you up..
ol' dawg
I'm feeling a little off today too. Do you mind if I join you?

Wait a minute, that didn't come out right.

Nevermind, I'm going to nap by myself ... or is that with myself ?

Uhhhh, things are going from bad to worse ... I'll just shut up now.
The Bday libations a bit much there Rev.
Vanni Fucci
Don't worry about it Dawg...

We here at Canadian Content are totally accepting of all sorts of sleeping arrangements between consenting adults... :P
I might need to join you tomorrow after I eat way to much at dinner at my aunt and uncle's house tonight.
My aunt is an excellent cook so I always end up eating too much.
Reverend Blair
Well...I feel better now. If NASCAR doesn't get some real racetracks soon, I'm going to very disappointed though. 1 1/2 mile cookie cutter tracks piss me off. What the hell were they thinking? Roundy-round racing could get pretty dull as it was.

You need a lot of patience to take a nap with me, ol' dawg. The dogs crawl on you a lot around here and I talk back to the TV, even when I'm asleep. You're welcome to give it a shot though.


The Bday libations a bit much there Rev.

A little, Zen. I've seen you in far worse shape though.

Oh well, I have to put my teeth in and head over to the in-laws now.
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