Do people wearing headphones drive you wacko?

Ok, I'm all for music, music is great, music rules. Let's hear it for music. But seriously, you high school buggers have to take off the headphones and pay attention to the fecking world around you.

Two instances to mention, just as a cute little example.

A girl was riding her bike, headphones on, probably listenin to a little Britney or perhaps System of a Down. Truly, I don't know. Anyhoo, yadda yadda yadda, girl layin on the ground with some nice black tire tracks on her mini tee. Would taking off the headphones have helped her? Maybe, maybe not. (This was right outside my work)

I'm driving to my bud's place, some girl on a bike without even looking flies out into the street right in front of me. I roll down my window to nicely suggest that perhaps some church services would help her, when I noticed, the freak was wearing headphones.

K both of these girls could have been killed. In fact, the one instance so upset my friend, that she had to call the police to find out what happened to her. And all jokes and fun aside, this is a serious issue and I can't imagine what the stats are for pedestrians getting killed while wearing headphones.

Let's get rid of the headphones, they don't even look cute.
Sadly it's not just pedestrians wearing the headsets. I watched an Ambulence driver extremely pissed off the other day because the lady infront of him would not pull over to the side of the road. When I glanced over at her, already pulled to the side of the road myself, I saw she was wearing headphones.

One of the paramedics got out of the Ambulence and knocked on her window (red light) and she jumped up then yelled at him for scaring her... like uh.,. yeah.. I'm pretty sure she did get a nice ticket for that though as it is illegal to drive a motorized vehicle wearing headphones.

I just could not believe the attitude this lady gave the paramedic, it was so inhuman.

Andem, howdy, I'm back.. no work for at least another month..shoulder surgery is FUN!
There's a guy driving rusted out F-350 who goes by a couple times a day with his cell phone glued to his ear. We should introduce him to the girl with the headphones. Maybe we don't need to. Maybe they'll just bump into each other.
I wouldn't worry, Natural Selection has this way of ironing things out.
Well, that's my point actually. I really don't want one of these headphone wearing people under my tires. I gotta sleep tonite.
I see your point exactly, I wouldn't want to hit and/or kill one of these people due to their own idiocy, but they ultimately chose to be the morons they are by doing what they are doing and in a court of law and police services those who would have hit them would be found not at fault, but it would tug on the moral part of your mind granted we have one anymore nowadays.

These people will ultimately be their own downfall.
Reverend Blair
If the guy is driving an F-350, there's a good chance that he'll kill whoever he hits.

I really hate ear phones. When I worked at the studio all the photographers wore them. Since most photography happens with strobe lights in dark rooms, you have to knock before you can open the door. They can't hear you knock because they have earphones on. Just so fecking annoying....I began sneaking in and messing with their shots when they weren't looking. They eventually got the idea.

There was also a kid killed here about 15 years ago. He was walking down the railroad tracks (CN main line) with his Walkman on. They figure he didn't hear the train.
Its funny that all your stories seem to revolve around the issue of people using headphones at inappropriate times. Its not them actually using headphones that drives you nuts, but the fact that they are using them stupidly.

You should rename this thread : "Do Stupid people wearing headphones drive you wacko?"

A little sidenote: "It was funny when I learned that white earphones were being sited as the reason for many Ipod robberies in Toronto. Thiefs would see them and know that this person probably had a $400 Ipod (The included earphones). Yet, so many people I knew kept wearing them." Duh!
Reverend Blair
When is an appropriate time to wear earphones?
in your room? Or just at home?
I like to wear them during boring meetings at work.

A guy in Toronto or something got killed for his Ipod. Killed for his friggin ipod. That's stoooooopid. Just take the feckin thing.

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