Different Twist: Pro-choice? What do you think?

I am confused.
After addressing our fellow Forum Friends by their user names, what name do you use if you are ever to meet face to face? I like my username cuz I chose it, but my given from the womb name has certain rights, too.....eh? So... should I call my friends in Victoria the names I've been calling them for the past year, or try to refer to them by their given names? What to do, what to do?
I still call a friend that I met on line by her online name. It's easier....
I get whats your real name because I'm not calling you mom
hahaha..my nephew sent me a graduation pic...he addressed it peapod my mailman looks at me strangely now :P
People the Zen and Edgewater will be par-taking of yea old thanksgiving dinner with the wotthehell gang here in yea olde victoria! Thats right! Monday they paddle over on da clipper. Oi! let the good times roll eh??
Vanni Fucci
I think this calls for a round of Bunniepants cookies...
Reverend Blair
Call them whatever you want. I always think of people I met on-line by their on-line names and people I met in person first by their given names.

Then there are the people I make up special names for. Why not, they earn it.
Midigirl gets to entertain Edge and Zen how is that .Are ya inviting Frito :P
I never invite that guy, hes family, he just shows up
For me it's all about how they introduce themselves to me.
Edge has banned me from the kitchen all day. She is in a baking tizzy. Bunnypants Cookies on the way!
Well is the Mama coming over too I'll bet she's dying to meet edge and Zen too
Edge ... you can call me anything you want if you bring me a bunnypants cookie!!!!

I am so looking forward to meeting you two!!!
We finally get to sample these famous bunny pants cookies
Of course momsy, galaniomama will be attending! her sniffer is already on the trail of the bunnypants cookies...K...I gots a couple of hours of light, I am going fishing with them dare..french women! ehm....NO! Frito! I am not introducing you to them!!!!!
I'm sorry i forgot that your over there to Cosmo I would think you'll be there to eh .Poor Zen in a house full of smart *** women .You better hope Frito shows up Zen or your in trouble :P

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