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The light will be compressed to the point where you cannot see it.

If you've ever watched racing something odd happens with the changes as the cars go past. That's because the sound waves are travelling at a different rate in relation to the car. The sound is compressed as the car approaches, but spreads back out as the car passes.

That is only true of compression waves passing through a media.

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Light works on the same basic principle.

Light has many qualities of an electromagnetic wave, and does not require a media for transmission. The analogy will not work.

Dexters explanation is good, and will work past this point.

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The speed of sound changes depending on conditions. It is possible that the speed of light changes as well.

No... the speed of light is constant... regardless of the observers inertial frame of reference. To an observer sitting in the 'fast' car... light will appear to radiate from the headlights at the speed of light. To an observer sitting outside the fsat car... it will look like a car with headlights on driving past at the speed of light.
the light will travel out of the headlights at 386,000 miles per second. Dino got it right from observers positions in last post

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