Which is correct?

I made it specially for you
I made it especially for you
Depends on what you mean.

"I made it specially for you" means that something about the way I made it was special, and that I made it for you.

"I made it especially for you" means that I made it specifically for you, ie, I made this thing with only you in mind. It may not have been made in any special way, but was intended only for you.

Clear as mud? I posted this especially for you. Not specially for you, though; I'm always writing like this.
Hard-Luck Henry
Specially = For a special purpose.

Especially = In particular.

The words especially and specially are not interchangeable, although both can mean ‘particularly’. Only especially means ‘in particular’, as in 'I like all Canadians, especially Islanders', and only specially means ‘for a special purpose’, as in 'this post was specially written for the occassion'.

Reverend Blair
Just to further confuse things, if you are trying to replicate a speech pattern, you may want to drop the "e" from especially. "I made it 'specially for ya 'cause yer special an' we all know what that means."
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