A Canadian Trivia Question - Help!

Hello I'm new to this board and I am currently working on a Canadian Trivia Quiz. A question that I am having a lot of trouble with is: The U.S. has "Uncle Sam" the English have "John Bull" the French have "Marianne" what is the Canadian Personae called? Does anyone have any idea what the answer would be and where I could look to find it? I have to admit I've never heard of this.

Thanks Marilyn
Ten Packs
"Johnny Canuck", I would say. (Google it)
Whoohoo thanks for your help! Thats it! I've never heard the term before but when I read up on it thats why it was. Thats great!

Thanks Marilyn
I thought it was the guy from the Molson beer ads.
I thought it was tax thief
first to come to mind is Big Joe Muffara. Next would be Superman. Or how about Louis Riel, a truly great man.

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