Grieving quickly in ten easy steps

Hey, my mom died a year ago. I am having serious trouble getting over it and I mostly pretend she is still alive. Whenever I think of her, it really really upsets me. It's not even like I'm ten or anything, I'm a grown adult.

So if anyone has any ideas on how to get over this, I am all ears. Even if it's funny, I'm ready.

First. What are you trying to get over?

Sometimes people try to forget rather then come to terms with something.

I have no tricks. I try to never think of the loss. Just think of the fun and how immensely lucky I was that they were part of my life.
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My Mom died in late February.... but I saw it coming for about three years, and she got worse and worse, with Dimentia. In the end, she had no connection with reality whatsoever. She was a very tough, proud woman and would NEVER wanted to be like she was - that helped a lot....

Was it sudden for you?
Took a week of being in the hospital. I would just like to think of the good times without bawling my eyes out.

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