My Cat's New Perch

I have a formerly feral cat named Bana.

She is very very silly but still skittish about certain things.

One of those things is legs. She will not allow you to approach her but prefers for you to stand still, even squat down and she'll come up to you.

Except if your lying on the couch or in the bed. In those 2 circumstances she is quite forward and will walk all over you.

I woke up this morning to find her sitting on my ***. The bed was empty except for me. Lots of room for her make herself comfortable. But she opted to sit on my ***.

I think she maybe oingo boingo in the head
Best keeping that oingo boingo in the head than.....
Ten Packs
When our cat hears the coffee-maker start to chug in the morning, she hops on the bed and kneels down on my wife's chest, and if she doesnt show signs of waking within moments, starts to gently "bat" my wife's nose with her paw.... flippin' hilarious to watch!
That is so sweet! At least she's gentle.
My cat Elmo likes to climb up onto my *** and stretch herself out right along the crack of it....wierd creatures. Squidget prefers to put her *** in our faces, and Bart will chase off all of them if she is sitting on my lap having mommy time...she doesn't like to be crowded, on my bed she prefers to have me put my knees up so she can have a tent under the blankets
GL Schmitt
Friday spent his kittenhood sleeping in the headboard of my bed, so he feels that it is part of his territory, which he allows me to use.

But, if I spend too much time snoring on the bed, instead of hustling into the kitchen to get him his morning sardine, he stomps up onto my chest and begins boring a hole through my sleep with his eyes.

I awaken to the brassy buzz of his purr, open my eyes to find his yellow pupils mere inches from mine, and the smell of his fishy morning breath.

It is quite unnerving.
My Chunky does the same type of thing. Except when she purrs she drools. Which wouldn't be so bad except that every once in a while she'll shake her head.

The only thing worse that a cat with fish breath is a cat with morning breath drool. ick!

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