I haven't forgetten you

Today is my best friends' birthday and I wanted to wish her a happy birthday. Ever since we were teenagers we always spent our birthdays together. With mine being the 19th of September and hers being the 21st let me tell ya we had some great birthday bashes. She was killed in a car accident 4 years ago. I miss her very much and think of her every day, even still.

Happy Birthday Gail
What a nice thought bevski. There is someone I have not forgotten either. He was one of my closet friends, he has been gone now for 8 years. Everytime I look at his picture, a unseen hand squeezes my heart.
Worst, he killed himself, I never suspected that he was in such a dark place, the outside always shone like a warm sunny day. I planted the odd tree here and there on the island, one in particular near nanoose bay, a butterfly bush, everytime I pass it, I think of him.
I have her picture displayed front and center on my server. Her last christmas card to me was almost like she knew something would happen to her and she wrote me a note that is so special to me I just can't begin to tell you. Something out of the ordinary for her, usually she was full of wit and sarcasm, but not this time.

I think that is so special that you planted a butterfly bush to remember him.

I wish everyone knew how much they mean to others. The world would be a much better place.
Vanni Fucci

Excuse me a moment, I've got something in my eye...
this reminds me of a dear friend I lost 3 years ago. A wonderful man who just couldn't beat a drug addiction. despite the addiction he had a sunny disposition and was determined to "make it to a better place" Unfortunately, he didn't get the chance to make it...he died of an overdose of a "bad mixture" (too high of potency, maybe?) cocaine. three weeks later, I went to the hospital an met the baby girl he never got to hold.

Life is a scary blessing
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