I just thought - anyone care to see my pic?

Ten Packs
Maybe, at least, mrmom2 - if he should ever see me around town.

A few weeks ago, a guy that I know well in another Forum, who has spent the summer in Alaska, made a point of overnighting at an RV Park near me so we could meet up. He is from Oklahoma and has a BEAUTIFUL Class A (that's the "bus-size" motor-home, for those that are not familiar with the term).
He and his wife are the nicest folks you could care to meet.

Anyway, I am on the left....


if he should ever see me around town

That's got to leave you with a very peculiar feeling. That somebody you've chatted with on this forum is also walking around your town and maybe even you've bumped into each other. Maybe held the door for the other and not known.

My father searched for his birth family (it was a sort of in family adoption although his adoptive parents weren't blood relations to him) and discovered his brother and his sister living on Vancouver Island. His biological brother had actually driven passed my dad's gas station and wondered if he (my dad) was a member of "that" family.

It's kind of strange to think that I've maybe met them or bumpbed into them before.

But now that we all know what you look like Ten Packs............
Hey TenPacks,
seems you had a great time
Keep this friendship alive, there are many nice people in the world - and the world is so small...

A few years ago, I met up with a friend in another town who I got to know from a transaction at ebay. After a while, we found out that one of her best friends is one of my best friend's aunt... isn't that amazing?!?!

All the best
Hey Twinks we know what you look like too :P I saw the pic you posted
Well then your going to have no excuse for not knowing who I am when I show up at your door tonight for dinner. lol

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