I survived......

and I remembered to breath. Course I developed a sore throat and had a wonderful cold which gave me a funky voice for my wedding day.

Pea, I missed the balloons. I didn't see them. I don't even know what the hell I was doing at 5:00!

Amsterdam and Paris were wonderful. Paris smelled (polution) but the people were wonderful (kind of funny, eh?)

Amsterdam was amazing. Did all the things your suppose to while in Amsterdam. Drinking, smoking ganja, strippers and sex shows, red light district, got lost but found the Lost in Amsterdam Coffee Shop.

Saw the Eiffel Tower in Paris, visited Notre Dame Cathedral during Sunday Mass. Checked out the Catacombs and the cemetary.

Made it home safe. Although on the flight over some women had a bad dream and woke up screaming a blood curdling scream that you NEVER want to hear on an airplane at 40,000 ft!

Left with a cold and came back with a bladder infection. All in all a a most excellent trip!
Congrats Twila! Ah ... the dreaded bladder infection. Always a good sign that fun was had by all, tho

Glad to see you're back. Now we want some pix of you in your frou-frou dress! I love wedding dresses!
I had no idea that a bladder infection was a sign that fun was had by all

I've had 2 (this being the second) in my entire life. I may start lying about how many I've had from now on. lol
Good to have you back Twila.
Thanks Zen!

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