This oughta be enough to get me in trouble here.

Ten Packs
But what the Heck?

Ten Packs
Let me put it this way, Jack:

Throw a stick for a dog in a field and what will it likely DO?

Run out and pick it up and bring it back to your feet - whereupon you throw it again. And the dog goes rippin' out again, gets the stick and brings it back, so you throw it out again. And the whole thing starts all over. This can often go on for a half-hour, never-mind that it's 92 degrees or it's pouring rain like the day the Ark set to sea.

Try that with a cat...

He will briefly stop and look up at you - with a face that says, "Uh, look Rookie, I guess you're new here... but either you haven't read the Contract, or are a Terminal Idiot. This is the 21st Century. Do you realize that I could Grieve you six ways from Thursday, for even suggesting this???
I think you need to have a long talk with someone...."

And he would go back to licking his paw.

Now - I ASK YOU! WHO is smarter???
hmmmm...the dog did manage to get you to throw a stick for half an if we follow that path of logic....
Ten Packs
It was a Hypo-Thetical scenario, zen....
manipulation is manipulation...hmmm ...MANipulation... :P
Reverend Blair
It depends a lot. Max is smarter than one of the cats and likely as smart as another. The other dogs aren't though, and even Max doesn't hold a candle to Alex when it comes to figuring things out.

Having been around both all my life, I'd say that cats are generally smarter than dogs. If I had to make a choice I'd pick a dog though. Cats aren't good at going for truck rides.

Rev, a couple of years ago I loaded up my truck with a bunch of shingles and stuff to go to the dump. I headed off down the road and thought to myself "umm, better check and make sure the load the secure". So I look out my rearview mirror and here is my big old tom cat sitting on top of the pile, claws embedded into shingles, wind ripping thru fur.

It was the funniest thing I tell ya. But then he was really impressed about getting a ride on the inside of the truck home. Now we can ride all over the property with him sitting on the hood of my truck.
Reverend Blair
I drove to Dauphin once with a cat meowing the whole way and a German Shepherd biting at oncoming traffic. It was four hours of pure hell.
Too funny. But I've been there too, just not for 4 hours though.

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