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He's trying to drag me to Cancun, by the hair, I think.

Apparantly yesterday he was lazing around his backyard in the gd sun. We gots snow, you gots sun. Am I in the wrong province? maybe.

Frito is awesome but maybe you gots to tell him that the single mom thing over here, not lots of extra Cancun money.
Where is Manda? She finally go to jail?
He is always trying to drag somebody to cancun with him he gets so desperate, he even tries to drag his momsy with him ...did he tell ya his momsy is a neocon
Nope, we aren't at the point where we talk about his mother. I do know he has some kids floatin around, (doesn't everyone?). He did invite me to stay at YOUR house tho. Pretty funny.
Yes, thats frito alright, always dumping his ****e on podifer. See that way...suppose you guys hated each other...well frito gets to carry on with his tanning....and I get to be tour guide and operate a bed and breakfast.
But you know, I put with it frito, known him since he was a youngin. He has a heart of gold, the rest sucks I will never forget that frito was there for me when I owned a lovely home, called the money pit I would use dat word, but I can't now, you know the one I mean.
Surely I would have lost my mind, in dat MONEY PIT if not for frito, a jack of all trades, and seems to master them all. Although, I resent him standing there, telling me to lift 12 foot sheets of gyroc over my head But the bestest thing about frito, a totally awesome fisherman. Oi! you otta catch his ballet on a river, when he nails dat siver bullet
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So let's hear the Mr. and Mrs. Manda story....

There's a long and a short story...take your pick
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