An Ode to Frito Lay

Vanni Fucci
Quote: Originally Posted by mrmom2

Hey where the feck you been Van man

Oh, here and there, you know how it is...

I've been lurking...keeping a low profile...and keeping the bastards guessing...
Feck its just nice to see a post from ya I've not been posting as much myself .To much work
and Frito wants to go let a doctor play with the one remaining?

Psst, rumour has it there's a picture of the aforementioned Frito nude on the net....Oi!

I'll not be the first to see it, but I hear it's most unflattering
Something called one flew over the knackers nest
nyuck nyuck nyuck
exactly hey what the heck is frito up to anyways?? never mind..I find out for myself...ring...ring...ring..

frito---city morgue, you stab em, we slab em..

Peapod-- thats old! whatsup nyuck nyuck? oh I mean just one nyuck.

frito-- what are you implying peet pot??

peapod--- nuttin...oops sorry wrong word I mean...well its manda, she is thrashin your nyuck nyucks at the board, oh mean nyuck...

frito--- feck off! I

peapod--- kill the messenger! slam!


peapod--- I slammed first! yours does not count
If only I could weasel my way into those calls.....I was just pointing out that I caught wind of a most unflattering picture. Oye! There are those on the board that might want to see it?!
uh huh...well I can give you his phone number and his address...perhaps what he needs to set him on the right a good stocking...nah..never mind..he would probally enjoy that.

He posted his cell number....It's not a stalking he needs, but he should probably find himself a translator, eh Frito?
Well well! looked what the cat dragged in Don't you come sniffing around here frito, I knows what your up to, time to lock you in dat closet
Frito lay
Como Esta, Donde Esta Grey Poupon?
hola tía,

¿Dónde está el baño?


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