An Ode to Frito Lay

Vanni Fucci
You are, of course, correct sir...

*mutter, mutter...feckin' Nancy Drew lovin'...Sir Arthur Conan *****yle, I say...
It takes a wise fishermen to admits when he is wrong vanni.. May the strike be with you.
Dr Watson ...was he an eye doc? :P
Frito lay
Hi all I have decided to come back and have a little fun with "YA ALL" Hmmmm. that sounds funny EH! Been a lovely Summer "INIT?" Hope you all had a lovely summer except for Wanachewme LOL LOL LOL... OK I take it back Everybody is supose to be happy. Kiss Kiss Vanachewme or should I say.... "Pancake Man"( !!!!!faster than a pankake dropping in the parking lot !!!!! Hotter than a bowl of *** burnin chilli, its, its..... PANKAKE MANNNN.....Well have to get the "FECK" outa here.
Blah!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where you been???????????????????? wtf??????????? yur always phoning and pestering me, than...nada...gone!...dropped off the face of the earth...whats up with that??? See ya on Sunday
Where is my fecking thermos?????????
Frito lay
I duno, Good thing those big Kadodes of yours come in there own bags or you would loose them too.
Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu fecking sum bitch! You gots my thermos, I saw you eyeballin it!!!!!!! ya, to bad you didn't need something to hold your minature ( so I have heard) kadodes in eh??????
Frito lay
That feckin Vanni!!!!
No, vanni did not mention your kadodes to me, why did he see the tiny tots
Frito lay
I don't kiss and tell, Pee Pot
Blah! one of your kissin partners the fruit fly researcher was telling me the other day, how she took fruit fly testicles and squashed them and then studied them under a microscope, looking for... something... I forget. I think just finding the fruit fly testicles in the first place was accomplishment enough. But she had no luck finding yours
Frito lay
That Feckin Snagg, I always knew she was into insectiality. I sure happy that sick woman is outa my life....
Blah! don't you have diapers to change gramps

sidenote: hey frits the new member juan, lives nearby you hide the Mrs, juan :P
Frito lay
It looks like....Hmmmmm. Oh I know "Grey Poupon"
Well! Well! momsy, look what the grey poupon dragged in!
Frito lay
Oh sh*t, here I go again waisting my brain, Whats Mom got burning in the kitchen...if ya know what I mean maybe some Vegtable of right wing soup....Hahahah. Well Pee Pot I will be around to haunt you soon in Victoria, I need a break from
Hey what w kind of tea was that you made, when last we meet up Are you doing experiments on me I knew it tasted strange, you said it was maple syrup, which also now when I think about it explained the dirty brown colour. Blat! I mean it was blat! blat! blat! for like hours
Ha! and you were yabbering now as I recall about a certain someone who always has a perking coffee pot going in the morning, only its the morning enema. Ouch! we had funnsy with that one..I recall how you went on and on yabbering about enema's. Me thinks you made some kind of nasty frito cocktail. Blah! Blat!
Well it is mushroom season isnit Pea .And right wing soup maybe a little right and a little left poupon master :P
Ah! nada momsy, our days of tripping with carlos castaneda's and his sidekick don Juan's fell by the wayside.
Ha! the good old days eh? Qualicum beach, a certain farmers field...gum boots....cow ****....lots of french people....farmer browns rottweiler....all finished up drinking beer and eating...ehm...never mind, at the shady rest
ah! the days of don juan, a yaqui sorcerer and shaman.
We used to have a little certain lawn in New West and it you used to be a race to see who'd get there first Feck we used to have a pot on the stove at all times people would just come in and refresh it daily Wholly feck i'm flashing back now
Frito lay
Feckin Toilets!!! Jesus Christ!!!!...(Oh for some you who that might get offended he is a small Mexican guy). Ok, what feck is with people that build them God danm toilets. Maybee they should of started with a three gilled fish, if I had three knees I would't be pissed off (I think there is someone in the Hells Angels also named God)..I think its that fecker named Johnny Crapper(no relation to the Mexican Guy). Any good ideias? cause I know God can't build one worth sh*t and the little mexican guy was a Carpenter, that usless pr*k couldn,t build a fecking boat build a boat if his life depended on it, never mind a damn Toilet!!!...
Hey frito here is a little poem that I know will cheer you up and make you forget about johnny crapper...

Touris, white man, wipin his face,
Met me in Golden Grove market place.
He looked at m'ol' clothes brown wid stain ,
An soaked right through wid de Portlan rain,
He cas his eye, turn up his nose,
He says, 'You're a beggar man, I suppose?'
He says, 'Boy, get some occupation,
Be of some value to your nation.'
I said, 'By God and dis big right han
You mus recognize a banana man.

'Up in de hills, where de streams are cool,
An mullet an janga swim in de pool,
I have ten acres of mountain side,
An a dainty-foot donkey dat I ride,
Four Gros Michel, an four Lacatan,
Some coconut trees, and some hills of yam,
An I pasture on dat very same lan
Five she-goats an a big black ram,
Dat, by God an dis big right han
Is de property of a banana man.

'I leave m'yard early-mornin time
An set m'foot to de mountain climb,
I ben m'back to de hot-sun toil,
An m'cutlass rings on de stony soil,
Ploughin an weedin, diggin an plantin
Till Massa Sun drop back o John Crow mountain,
Den home again in cool evenin time,
Perhaps whistling dis likkle rhyme,
(Sung)Praise God an m'big right han
I will live an die a banana man.

'Banana day is my special day,
I cut my stems an I'm on m'way,
Load up de donkey, leave de lan
Head down de hill to banana stan,
When de truck comes roun I take a ride
All de way down to de harbour side-
Dat is de night, when you, touris man,
Would change your place wid a banana man.
Yes, by God, an m'big right han
I will live an die a banana man.

'De bay is calm, an de moon is bright
De hills look black for de sky is light,
Down at de dock is an English ship,
Restin after her ocean trip,
While on de pier is a monstrous hustle,
Tallymen, carriers, all in a bustle,
Wid stems on deir heads in a long black snake
Some singin de sons dat banana men make,
Like, (Sung) Praise God an m'big right han
I will live an die a banana man.

'Den de payment comes, an we have some fun,
Me, Zekiel, Breda and Duppy Son.
Down at de bar near United Wharf
We knock back a white rum, bus a laugh,
Fill de empty bag for further toil
Wid saltfish, breadfruit, coconut oil.
Den head back home to m'yard to sleep,
A proper sleep dat is long an deep.
Yes, by God, an m'big right han
I will live an die a banana man.

'So when you see dese ol clothes brown wid stain,
An soaked right through wid de Portlan rain,
Don't cas your eye nor turn your nose,
Don't judge a man by his patchy clothes,
I'm a strong man, a proud man, an I'm free,
Free as dese mountains, free as dis sea,
I know myself, an I know my ways,
An will sing wid pride to de end o my days
(Sung)Praise God an m'big right han
I will live an die a banana man.'
You fecker!!!!!!!! Did you just tell manda on messenger the following

Kiss my my Baby soft ***, for Pea Pot..
he said worse...but I told him he had to get the ballsto tell you himself
I'll say...rumor has it he only has one anyways....not I am not saying I have seen anything myself...uck! but I have heard da rumors
I'll say...rumor has it, he only has one I am not saying I have seen anything myself...uck! but I have heard da rumors
ARe you guys alright :P Frito don't blow a gasket man .Feck take a pill or something.This thread sure turned into something warped
Vanni Fucci
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

I'll say...rumor has it, he only has one I am not saying I have seen anything myself...uck! but I have heard da rumors

That's what he gets for playing hacky sack with the blind kids... :P

For money too, or so I hear...
Hey where the feck you been Van man

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