How hot is it where YOU are?

OK I just went to the workshop to let the dog out this morning and found a frog in his water dish. Now I know it's hot.
It' s 11 pm here now and 16C...not bad today was beautiful and 23
Jo Canadian
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Oh, come off it, it's not that warm here, I'm even wearing a sweater : , it's only 25C
Still pretty cosy in Southern Ontario, but I think we are getting used to it. "They" say it's global warming. "I" say "they" are f*cking idiots. I still remember much hotter summers than this one.

Who thinks it's hot because of global warming?
If there is such a thing,Saint john could stand a bit of it The cruise ship passengers were complaining of the cold!
I think not
Saint John's, NS. Ah, what a place, I love it
Didn't realize they had one,too.
shh Americans, they crazy.
I think not
Yes, but there is a Port of St Johns in Nova Scotia, no? Or am I thinking of something else?
I think not
I'm still the hottest thing in my neighborhood :P
You live in a grave yard though...
I think not
well you got me there, I'm stuck :P
I can sell you a copy of my latest book...."how to be a smart *** and get away with it"

Actually it's free for you, since you’re such a good sport. (And I owe you a book anyways…)
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