Well twinks has you prepare to walk down the aisle, I think its time for a few hard truths. I wonder if you are ready for the harshest truth of them all I am aware of your "love" of goats and all things goat...but its time you knew the truth (external - login to view)
I'm wondering if there's anyway to get the goats to organize?

Who knew there were soooooo many people out there without the smallest amount of common sense when it comes to animals? Who Knew? lol
My new avatar wants to know if you checked out the goat pics, and if you ran your mouse over the goat
hadn't actually. I'd just given it a brief scan...

upon seeing the vampire goat....and the torture the goats visited upon the children I believe that they (the goats) maybe on to something....after all....children are evil horribly smelling little creatures.......
Wow! off the teletype breaking goat news

Farmer Hans Goetel naturally thought he had seen the last of his goat Herman, when he shot the animal through the brain for defecating on his wife's feet.
Feeling remorse after his impulse killing, Goetel carried the headless beast to the woods and solemnly buried him. That night, the Goetels were awoken by the knocking of horns against wood. The farmer opened his front door to find Herman standing there, his head fully repaired and with a blackboard behind him, bearing complex mathematical calculus.

Goetel insists that Herman then gripped a piece of chalk in his mouth to write, "How about you and me make some money?", in German, on the board.

The duo subsequently wasted no time, and tourists now pay top deutsch mark to see Herman scratching out tricky formulae. Says Goetel: "Herman didn't say how he came back from the grave, and I didn't ask. It's an awkward subject for us, so we stick to discussions about trigonometry and the like."

SS News attempted to interview Herman, but he stared at us in a slightly chilling manner which spoke of soil, death and vengeance.
See, you shouldn't mess with goats.....proof positive...after all , it's in type.
I tell ya twinks, there is alot of goat news on the teletype today...this just in

Third goat elected mayor of Texas town, survives assassination attempt
A remote Texas resort town has elected three successive generations of beer-drinking goats to the office of mayor. It was all fun and games until the assassination attempt:
It was Clay Henry's thirst that prompted his attack, according to the sheriff. On a Sunday last November, the new owner of the resort, Steve Smith, wanted to show a few visitors how Clay Henry drinks beer. Blue laws prevented him from buying one at the trading post, so Mr. Smith asked two men sitting nearby for a bottle. They obliged, but the sheriff said one of the men was offended that Mr. Smith had given a perfectly good beer to a goat.
Later that day, witnesses overheard Mr. Hargrove boasting that he planned to go back and castrate Clay Henry. The sheriff said Clay Henry was found in a pool of blood the next morning. Housekeepers cleaning the condominium where Mr. Hargrove had stayed found something in the refrigerator. Sheriff Dodson says it was Clay Henry's testicle. Mr. Hargrove, who could not be reached for comment, is scheduled for trial in August.
I gots some goat music for ya twinks this one is a goat in heat...I tell ya it sounds kinda familar (external - login to view)
Goats....You've just got to love an animal that thinks like a cat, plays like a dog....can chew off a pony tail with one chomp...has horns enough to do severe damage....has a history of being considered evil (this alone makes them my favourite.....I've always like maligned animals) and yet still puts up with us damned 2 leggeds......

My goats names were Popeye and Brandy. Both were 3/4 Alpines.

Popeye was actually a unicorn. Had his horns burned off when he was little but one kept growing back...

Now I know you all wanted to know that information....after IS important stuff.......
Pea, that goat sounds like a Nubian. There those funny looking goats with the floppy ears and large roman esk noses....

That or it's a sheep....or would that be a shoop....?
I tell ya twinks, I am getting interested in goats another goat story in on the teletype...

GoatMan Hollow...The Legend Waits for You
October 2002: The story of the GoatMan is rediscovered. Rumors resurfaced and sightings increased as Halloween grew closer. Many people reported seeing a strange mutated creature in the woods of Hyattsville Maryland in Prince George’s County. Some claimed to have been approached and even chased by the monster on several occasions. Although sightings of the GoatMan are heard of in Maryland, these sightings were greatly increased to an insane number during the month of October 2002. Never before had there been so many sightings of the GoatMan in one place through out the history of the Legend.

Even stranger than the numerous GoatMan sightings are the ones that claim to have encountered a man by the name of Dr. Stephen Fletcher. It is reported that the doctor confessed to creating the GoatMan by crossing the DNA of a goat and his assistant William Lottsford in an experiment. The reports also claimed that the crazy Dr. Fletcher was searching for the person who possessed a particular DNA needed to bring his wife Jenny out of her deathly sleep. This left no one safe from the dark reaches of the insane Dr. Fletcher.

No one is sure of the exact number of victims the Doctor and the GoatMan have claimed but it is estimated to be in the thousands. Still even more thousands escape telling the same story as the one before them.

"The GoatMan is Real and is out there... just waiting for you! You will never see it coming! But if the GoatMan does not find you, surely Dr. Fletcher will!"
Pea, Fauns have been around for awhile.....that guy's just trying to take some one elses glory (external - login to view)
Hey twinks, I got this weird message in my mail box this morning I think it was ment you, as you are the cat fancier around here.

Day 751: My captors continue to torment me with bizarre
dangling objects. They eat lavish meals in my presence while I
am forced to subsist on dry cereal. The only thing that keeps me
going is the hope of eventual escape -- that, and the satisfaction
I get from occasionally ruining some piece of their furniture.

I fear I may be going insane. Yesterday, I ate a houseplant.
Tomorrow I may eat another.
Twinks! where's the bits on your honeymoon!!!! come on lets here all about it!!! What did you think of holland??? Did you run into little ricky :P Come on twinks...give us the bits!!!!. And welcome home twinks..we missed ya.
Thanks Pea.

Didn't run in to Ricky. That I know of anyway!

Amsterdam was more fun then anyone should be allowed to have! The things I've seen. Saw some police brutality in the red light district. Took us 2 days to locate the district. Kept getting lost.

Saw works by Rembrandt. Went to the Torture museum (it sucked, I've seen better) Went to Madam Trussea's wax museum, the sex museum (this was way better then the torture museum. lol) watched strippers and strippers with partners.

There's some more details in the "I survived" thread I started.

I'll try to remember everything (that was good, funny, or weird) and post about it. My brain is still kind of reeling. The doctor said it's cause of the (bladder) infection I've come down with.
oh and I saw lots of goats in the country side. Goats are awsome.
Ya, I caught your new thread, funny innit? you starting that thread just when I was wondering how your trip went......cue in spooky music
What kind of spooky music are we cue-ing here?

some of those gregorian chants are down right terrifying.

and yup, that's way too spooky.

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