Hi everyone No one seems to want to talk to me newhere else so i figured id try here hows it going tonight. Ne body got nething goin on. I'm going off to bed really soon man am i tired.
Reverend Blair
Hey. I'm sure somebody here will talk to you. We are a friendly bunch, if nothing else.
I think not
Maybe you scare people off with your avatar :P
I might talk to you, what's in it for me?
Reverend Blair

Maybe you scare people off with your avatar

The skeleton thing always worked for the Grateful Dead, why not for sumdumbum?
I'll say hi...but what are you going to read into it?
I like to be scary. So whats new and interesting with yall. I'm sitting here like usuall watch my kiddies eat thier lunch. I'm off for a bit got some housework to take care of.
Doing the same thing SDB hope you don't mind me shortening up your name I'm folding laundry what house work are you doing
I'm sitting at work, wishing I was at home with the kiddies, even if I was folding the laundry
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