Only In.....

Surrey would you find a french teacher with a chinese accent...

I kid you not. My daughter's french teacher last year had a chinese accent and taught french....

I have no idea what this world is coming to.....
Welcome to it.
Reverend Blair
I had a French teacher with a British accent. She also didn't actually speak French.
Ten Packs
She didn't SPEAK French???

Reverend Blair
She didn't speak French, Ten Packs. She'd read to us out of a book or put on one those Madame Tibeau filmstrips. She apparently got assigned the French classes (2 hours a week) because she was the head English teacher and therefore in charge of languages.
Sounds like my French 'teacher' in junior high.....we watched a lot of films too. You ever see the one where Tin-Tin goes into space, and then speaks a lot of French there? That's a classic.
Reverend Blair
I was in Saskatchewan, so there was no junior high, but that was grade seven and eight.
Jo Canadian
One of the French Professors here @ UPEI is Italian.
My French teacher in 6-8 was a little short Italian guy....he spoke 8 different languages though, and was working on Chinese...
And here I was thinking that my daughters experience was a 1 off.
So? My roomate speaks french as her 3rd language, and it's better than my french. Mind you, my french is actually sheac...
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