Paging dexter sinister

Dex, check your pm later on today. Your pics will be made available than. :P . Now since I have agreed to do this, I shall have to make it a peapod production...produced and directed by one aka..sinister.

Listen to this...I heard about this last year...a tale told to me by another fishermen. He told me that some people had actually seen a squid "out there" as big as a man.

Now! what do I find out lets put it this way "there coming" an invasion of man sized squids, by the thousands, along the BC coast ocean temptures are above normal, which explains their invasion.
Oi! listen to this description of him from the local newspaper. " The voracious jumbo squid--mean and nasty, five to six feet long (15 feet when the 10 tentacles are stretched out) torpedo-shaped monsters with powerful parrot-like beaks, weighing as much as a 200 pound man. Dam! somehow! some way! I am going to see one of these dudes!.....I must hurry and tell the starbuck jesters of the impending invasion, plus I need a double shot of expresso. :P
ol' dawg
Mmmmmm ... calamari for everyone.

Think it's a good time to develop a tsitsiki franchise.

Pea ... go to "Community Centre", check out the sticky at the top ... got your garden pix there!

Sheesh... where can I get a peek at these squid!!! I'd love to see them.
hey dex...yeah, we took pics alright. of course pea was standing on her head for half of them. that woman. they didn't turn out. yeah, pea says, come over and we will snap a few pics. so she gets her neighbour - roy - to help us with our plan. okay, so buddy has a camera that is probably 1.5" square. it looked like he got it out of a box of kelloggs. oh yeah, that's a camera alright. dex - did i mention that 'roy' is age wise rolling around 90? yeah, so buddy roy has a 'camera' (and i use that term loosely!) to take pictures, never mind the fact that he can't see anything thru the lense, or even us for that matter. nah, no prob say's pea....i should have known. needless to say, we will be re-shooting our mugs on the weekend with a real camera and someone who can stand up unassisted.
why you %*#^%#$# MrH is not 90, he is 87!!! and he walks on his own I thought MrH would use the the digital camera I sold him last year, but he says it needs a new battery and he figures they want to much money for one, Mr.H is a cheap skake, thats why he gots the greenbacks! He even uses both sides of any paper Hows I suppose to know he would be using a camera outta the raisin bran box. And I only stood on my head once...just to show dex I could do I gots to do it again But its got to be sooner than later, I am going to my hometown this weekend....over at my fishing board the tales of the sockeye coming up the alberni inlet is more than excitin...course it was in the liar's lounge...regardless...I should see for myself, its only right...innit :P I will come over to your house for the pics before I leave....hey lets have a sword fight to show dex
Dexter Sinister
Sounds like you folks might have been into the sauce a bit during that photo shoot, but it's nice to know you're still trying. If/when you actually get around to putting some pics of yourselves up in Pea's album, and they're any good, and you're actually the hot babes you've led me to believe you are, I'll put a few more up in my album as well.
dexxy buddy, we were not drinking. smoking maybe, but no chili pops. yeah, you might have to wait awhile for the hot babes, but we are human, sort of

Dexter Sinister
Quote: Originally Posted by galianomama

dexxy buddy...

Oooh, I like that
Quote: might have to wait awhile for the hot babes...

For hot babes I can cheerfully wait a while, but there are limits to my patience. It occurs to me that you and Pea might be the teaser types, promising things and never delivering. If I don't see those pictures pretty soon, I may be forced to take a shot of my hairy but cute and tight little buns and post it with the caption, "Kiss this."
We promise Dex you will have them by sunday. cosmos is on the job :P
Check your pm's got your pics...I also included one of my ***, just so you know its not a huge one...bwhahahhahaha
Dexter Sinister
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

I also included one of my ***, just so you know its not a huge one...bwhahahhahaha

Nice ***. A man can forgive a lot for a nice ***...

And who's that lucky boytoy giving you the big squeeze?
Oh the boytoy is just one of many that follow me around :P
Its hard being me *big sigh*.....bwhahahahhaha
Hey dexy, check this out, click on peter savage's garden... (external - login to view)
where's mister sinister? ah pea, what boy toy are we talking about? one of your many in the stable of 87 year olds, or the 'crib' set???? hahahahah
hahahahhaha it was a soon to be firemen with mullets...ring any bells...
#16 got me good on that one....

any wrinkles show up today?
I dunno...hang on I'll check, nah..Do you know were I can get some Jack McGraw :P
i'm down to my last ounce, so i can't help ya there. check with the goof balls at starbuckies....or the ones that play the guitar and demand free food. someone should be able to assist.
Dexter Sinister

where's mister sinister?

Under your bed, waiting to grab your ankle when you get up in the morning... uh... damn, gotta getta grip on my fantasy life...

I'm right here, in the usual place. Been a busy weekend, with Saskatchewan's 100th birthday celebrations, the Riders thumping Winnipeg 900 to nothing, a couple of major construction projects around home, stuff like that...
Hey its sexy dexxy...I posted a garden site for you to check out there you gone and done it da mama loves her ankles being grabbed :P
hey dex, ya still got the spunk! musta been quite the weekend with the ol' celebrations! take awhile to settle down there i bet!
Dexter Sinister
Damn right I still got it. It was a hot time in the ol' town tonight. And last night. And the night before. Parties all over the place, live bands by the lake (Tom Cochrane and Colin James, no less), finally a complete football game by the Riders (they've been playing only 45 minutes a game lately, then rolling over and playing dead), and the most spectacular fireworks display I've ever seen. Must have been 30,000 people in the park for it, it was shoulder to shoulder all around the lake from the shoreline to 50 meters back, and a happy, hand-clapping, foot-stomping, yelling and hooting crowd it was. It was really cool to be part of it.
Well dexter, the harvest is over, I have been puttin the garden to bed. I picked the last of my tomatoes on the weekend, but the zuccinni still rambles on :P Tonight me and hammy harvested the apple tree, we did everything proper like, got the ladder out, but we soon tired of picking and passing, so I decided shaking the tree would be much faster :P bulleye! hammy now knows how newton felt :P Da sunflowers are now big wheels of yummy delight for a feathered friends. Contented slumber is in da air, So dexter how was your harvest??
Dexter Sinister
Still working on the harvest; lot of potatoes and carrots still in the ground, but we like to leave 'em there as long as possible. Everything else is pretty much cleared off tho'. Had a good year for peas and beans, but the onions never got bigger than a quarter.

Been too busy around the house to do much in the garden. I received a small inheritance recently and we've been using it to refit the house, more or less all at once. New windows, new furnace, new flooring (spent most of this week preparing for that: ripping up the old stuff, nailing down a new subfloor) new paint and wallpaper everywhere, major refit of two bathrooms, and I'm 2/3 of the way through building a wall to wall floor to ceiling bookcase in my office. Since I retired I've been busier than I've ever been in my life. And I haven't even started on the list of things to do I made in the last few months before I retired.

That's also the reason I haven't been around here much lately. The days are spent in heavy labour, and by the time evening rolls around, my idea of something to do is to have a wee dram of some fine old single malt (The Macallan, preferably) and drop into bed. Sometimes I even forego the wee dram, I'm so tired.
So is that what happens to retirement? You get busy busy busy?

I'm thinking it might be wise to just keep working then.
Dexter Sinister
Well, it's what's happened to me; can't speak for anyone else. I'm thinking of going back to work to get some rest. This subfloor activity isn't much fun. Wrestling with great heavy 4x8 foot sheets of some sort of particle board isn't my idea of something to do. Power lifting wasn't in the job description.

I suppose I should be grateful that at my age I can still do that kind of work without hurting myself. But I'm not, really. It's just that my cheap Scots soul refuses to pay somebody to do things I can do just as well myself. Though I've been told by a friend in Rotterdam that the Dutch make the Scots look like profligate wastrels...

It's just that my cheap Scots soul refuses to pay somebody to do things I can do just as well myself.

I hear ya! But don't blame a cheap scottish soul. You just don't suffer from Afluenza. The dreaded disease where by you're willing to work double time at the office (away from home) inorder to be able pay somebody else to do the job you could have done yourself but believed yourself to be to lazy.

It's a dreaded condition from what I hear. It causes all kinds of anxieties. Such as "can I really keep up with the jones" Which has been known to tear families apart.

My father retired about 4-5yrs ago. So did my mom. They decided to go back to work part time after realizing that retirement didn't suit them. Seems they weren't meant to sit around on their keisters twiddling their thumbs!

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