Have you ever met a famous person?

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Generally, however, my life has not had famous people in it, and I'm not famous either, and as Martha Stewart (haven't met her either, and don't want to) would no doubt say, that's a good thing.

Oh, oh, you made me think. I also met Martha Stewart. UGH.
I went to her TV studio, and my daughter and I had lunch with her crew. They helped up make a craft/and we had photos taken in her office. I held her Emmy. She gave me a flag.

You know what she said to her assistant? "You now how I don't like to waste time..."referring to our visit. My daughter said that the president of the US has more time for a visitor and better manners than Martha Stewart. Rude, rude.

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Dexter Sinister
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...the president of the US has more time for a visitor and better manners than Martha Stewart. Rude, rude.

Insufferable bitch. I am not at all surprised though. I watched one of her tv programs once, and she struck me as someone who's constantly thinking, "I have way better taste than you do, and way better things to do than listen to you, so just do as I say."
As a former IRS agent, I met many people from all walks of life, including many celebs. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you who they were as that would violate government rules about confidentiality.

But I have also worked as a freelance sports reporter and met baseball great Ted "Double Duty" Radcliffe (acknowledged by many as the greatest player in the old Negro Leagues), pro wrestlers Verne and Greg Gagne, and MLB players Willie Randolph, and Shawon Dunston. I met Cesar Romero when I was a little kid as he was shopping for a hat in Pitkin Avenue, Brooklyn. That was a LONG time ago! I also sat about 10 feet from famous Latin music great Tito Puente as he played a free open air concert in NYC's Rockefeller Plaza --- that was fun!
I've never met anyone famous.

My wife served Diana Krall in a store. The wife stayed very cool and they exchanged pleasantries. Elvis, who was waiting in the distance, came over and said hi. They seemed nervous and the wife thought she did a good job putting them at ease.

It must be tough being famous.
Was Diana Krall pleasant? I went to a show of hers once, before she was famous, and she was such a Bitch that I never bought one of her albums.

She treated everyone with disdain, and acted like she was well above playing for this crowd. I figured if she feels that way, she doesn't need my support.
i live near pete postlethwaite (if you know who he is) i'm good friends with his son so i see him often.

other than that not really met any famous people.
I was at a Christmas party at a friend's house, and got talking to a guy there.....Arthur Irving. Famous around here, anyway.
LOL! I shook his father's hand once[K.C.] at a ChristmasParty long ago.
Had a Pavorati sighting at the Toronto airport. Very personable and larger than life. Met Trudeau twice on the Hill. Reminded me of a weasel. At that time also met John Turner. Seemed strong and capable. Must have later had a lobotomy or something. Bumped into Jagger at the Redding Festival. Seemed to be enjoying himself. Cat Stevens at a Canadian Entertainment event. He was all about money at the time. Got a one finger wave to Nixon but got boxed out by two men in brown Oxfords. Exchanged letters with Jimmy Carter's uncle George. Spent some time with Walter Weir, a Canadian Unionist. Shared digs in Gainesville with Tom Petty's lead guitarist the year before the band started. Shared an elevator with Bobby Orr.
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Nobody super famous, but let's see:

Kurt Browning in his golden years.
I also "met" Desmond Tutu as he was the honorary degree recipient at my university graduation. I shook his hand. It was awe inspiring just being in his presence.

Bruce Guthro and James Keeleghan, both folk music singers, one pretty big out East, and the other HUGE in Australia.

Oh, and the Princess of Japan.
Jo Canadian
No, but Donald Sutherland was on the phone today (I got to listen to some of it). Had to be a supervisor call, apparently he's not very good with a computer.
I got to meet the Wrestlers Kane, Test, Victoria and Spike Dudley with my oldest son at the airport...does that count as famous, oh and Guy Lafleur too
Oh and I shared a hospital room with golfer Lorrie Kane's sister in January for a week, does that count for anything?
I met Aerosmith. Got an autographed Gibson Les Paul guitar from them.

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