What do you look like?

You’re all drinking and getting sappy…

Opening up and everything… sheesh
Ocean Breeze
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anyone under 20?

If we were under 20 we would be out trying to find 18 year olds

Reverend Blair
What do I look like? Why, I look like a god...a slightly over weight, much disheveled god who can't grow a proper beard but is too lazy to shave.
Why did I know you are like that Rev I too hate shaving I always have a bad beard going
Hey Ten Now I know what you look like I guess if I run into you at Costco or something I'll just shout out HEY TEN PACKS HOWS IT GOING :P
Hmm, all very interesting. We need to know the sex as well. Yes some are obvious, but not all.
Female, 37, 5 foot 8, 130 pounds blonde blue eyed (yes I got bumps, but they aren't on my nose. haha)

Hey, way to go on posting your actual pic. Trusting.
Diamond Sun
5'6, 130 lb. Shoulder length brown hair with blonde and copper streaks. Brown eyes, which I affectionately call my cow-pie eyes. Two heartbeats.

If you hunt, there is a photo or two of me on here somewhere!! From probably 6-8-10 months ago. Or just ask Moghrabi. He remembers.
hehehe..remember morg's pics diamond. I will pull up that pic thread, thats where andem wants the pics anyway.

5' 3 115 pounds...I guess..as long as I can get into my jeans I don't care....blue eyes....auburn hair...not RED!......older than mom...but well perserved.

Diamond Sun
How could I FORGET Mogrhabi's pictures??
Quote: Originally Posted by Jo Canadian

I'm around 5'11, 185 lbs

Had long brown hair but now i'ts chopped off and I'm now:

Usually covered in dirt, carving sandstone does that to your clothes.

I guess I'd look like a thinner Stone Cold Steve Austin except I'm not a prick.

Carving sandstone? Are you an artist?
Sorry, Jo, shoulda read back. Any pix of your art anywhere? I'd love to see them.

I'm a graphic artist as well. Love that Photoshop! I also used to paint in oils but just didn't have the patience. I wanted to reproduce what I saw in my head (abstract stuff) but didn't want to learn to do realism first, which is a requirement for good abstract. Now I just do it on computer.

Oh ... back to thread topic ... I'm 5' 7", no idea of weight but the jeans are getting snug again so probably around 140, lots of tattoos, piercings, green eyes (soon to be lasered and free of glasses so I can wear my false eyelashes again!), usually blonde but at the moment brown and fire engine red. By Monday I'll be blonde on top, shaved on the back and sides. My summer doo. My fetish is shoes, so I have everything from 8" dominatrix boots to a favourite pair of worn out sneakers, but tend to wear lots of jeans or mini skirts ... or anything with sparkles and glitter on it!
my mom's a graphic designer now i just have to figure out fractal painter!
Did you say how old Cosmo?
Did you say how old Cosmo?
Sorry, Green, forgot that part ... Turned 46 in February. I'm an Aquarian.

LOVE my 40s, BTW!
Reverend Blair

now i just have to figure out fractal painter!

that'd be somebody who paints fractals. Actually, that sounds kind of dirty.
it's a computer program! like photoshop and corel draw!
Rev, do you just log in type your opinion and then log out and watch everyone else talk? whenever i look you're offline. by the way what's a fractal?
like my avatar - that's from fractal painter.
The Rev is hidden Bubs :P Go to profile and you can do the same thing
why would he want to hide?
He's the sneaky type :P Get in give you a shot and dissapear into the mist of cyber space
mrmom2-you remind me of the starfish off finding nemo(I could imagine you having the voice of rosie oDonald-if your were a girl)
Well, it's not a real great cloak of invisibility, since we can all do it.
Who here has ever died they're hair hot pink before!?!?(not me i've only ever had highlights!)
Thats pretty funny Bubs You better go read what I look like at the beginning of this thread
I didn't mean looks wise just like you know voice wise.
Hey will they're always be the 1 hidden? why not just not be hidden?
My voice is pretty low and I have been accused of being loud and rude like Rosie Especially when I drink lots of beer
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