Ten Packs
I tried to send a PM, but it seems to be stuck -

I dont know if you keep in touch still, but Miss D's Dad died in her arms about 45 minutes ago.....

Reverend Blair
Thanks, old dude.
Rev ... what are you doing up this early (late?) I'm an insomniac ... what's your excuse
Reverend Blair
Me too, Cosmo. The heat here isn't helping either.
Heat? I'm freezing my butt off .... I'm a bit of a hot house flower so the morning chillies are not my favourite thing. Shell sleeps with a fan running so our bedroom is like a damn NASA wind tunnel. I sleep curled up under 2 quilts, an afghan and a Jack Russell just to survive.

Heya Pea! G'morning to ya.
Reverend Blair
We actually have a humidex advisory for the first time I can remember. I got out of the shower about 2 hours ago and my hair is still soaking wet. It's 32 degrees, but they say it's 40 with the humidity. It's almost as bad as Ontario around here today.

We also have a thunderstorm watch and a tornado watch to go along with it. That should cool things off.
Ya ... losing the roof to a tunnel of wind always cools things down in a hurry! Make sure you tie the dogs to a chicken ... you know how those tornado movies are -- always see a cow flying by but never see a chicken so they seem to be a good safety device.

Actually, humidity is nasty. Gotta get creative Rev! Get Mrs. Rev to find the nearest thing to a palm frond, put on nothing but a grass skirt and fan you. Of course the two of you have to take turns in the skirt Failing that, beer. Lots of it.
Reverend Blair
Mrs. Rev isn't here though...she's at work trying to get things done but her machine keeps shutting off because the heat. She's not in a happy mood.

The wind has picked up considerably and the has the greeish-bruised tint to it. No rain yet, but there has been some thunder.
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