Walk in the park ...

Here are some pix from today's walk in the park ... it's not a very nice day here so I'll have to take some more when it's bright and sunny!

Moche's famous pond ... which she stayed out of today! A few days ago we were touring along the path, Moche saw the sprinkler in the middle and decided to investigate ... and promptly sunk. She don't walk on water so well! Then she was all covered in duck poop. ick.

A little creek we go over ...

Where those pesky squirrels hide! Today we had help from a Westie in chasing one up a tree!

Now we're going to do a little napping on the couch!
Cool cosmo...you must have a new camera...nappin eh? guess that means see ya tomarrow :P
Na, no new camera ... same little one I got with my Dell. I'm angling for a new one, but Shell thinks I need to stay away from eBay for a while Hey ... when I get a new one, I'll give you this one! That way you can help me convince Shell I'm desparately needing one!
Reverend Blair
Angle for a Nikon D-70. That's a really sweet camera.
Yowza, Rev ... don't think I can justify that one no matter what promises I make! Six megpixels! Nice. I'd be happy with a 3 or 4 at this point.
hey cosmo - are you going to the gay dog walk on sunday? beacon hill park - on leashes - then walk over to cook street village. dress up optional. moche would look cute in a new little outfit.....
Moche is a real cutester....

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