battle 1

Uhhhh Street Pimp Bwaahhhahahahahahahah Street punk is more like it :P Show a little more respect for women you puke Pimping is not cool women don't want to be hookers pal .What the hell is wrong with you
just when i thought it was only decent people here
If you mean me Callum whatever I don't like people who disrespect women and running around calling yourself street pimp is just plain wrong there is nothing cool about pimps as far as I'm concerned the should all be shot and pissed on period
okay okay I will delete it...sorry street pimp...I understand your need for da poetry...but you know what old folks are like oi oi oi oi oi oi I won't even think about how I use to express myself. If ya gonna rap around here..pretend your jerry fawell...rap like that.
God I love you mom
man shut up mrmom2 thats why ur a momma boy anyways u dont know nothing about girls

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