Letter from a Wife and Mother

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Jay I think you are talking about child abuse,

No Pea, I'm not.
Well, I gotta side with Jay on this one ... no one disputes spousal abuse is a heinous act, but the letter is one designed to elicite a knee-jerk reaction. I see this kind of thing often in my Jack Russell forum ... people posting letters from abused animal perspectives.

Glad you didn't label it feminist, tho, Jay ... wouldda had to arm wrestle you on that one. I am a feminist, but that it doesn't necessarily follow that I'm given to emotional propaganda.

Somehow the ploy of attempting to tug my heartstrings only annoys me and, in my view, reduces the issue to theatre. Education, legal reform, and, above all, assistance to the victims of spousal abuse are what is needed. Social awareness of the subject has come light years the past decade and for that I am grateful. Admitting it is going on is essential to stopping it.

This is not an exercise in theory for me ... I once lived with a man (back in the days before I discovered which team I really play for!) that beat me regularly. And effectively ... to the point of putting me in the hospital once. The way I got out of it was by spending a lot of long hours in a counsellor's office until I acquired the necessary self esteem and sense of value to step away.

While abuse is NOT the victim's fault, the solution does lie in strengthening the psche of the victim to the point where they can defend themselves.

I admit I'm I am less than sympathetic to the abuser, but have become somewhat more educated on the subject. One of my dear friends is a therapist who deals with abusers and her education has been helpful to me in being a little less judgemental and emotional about the subject. I think those are key in finding any kind of truly effective solution ... when emotions run high, logic flies out the window. Letters like that target emotion and, as such, do more harm than good, IMHO.
One of the guys I work with is mid 20s, fit, works out, etc.

One morning he came in with a black eye, he explained that he was "talking, when he should have been listening". His girlfriend hit him.

We (two women, one man) pointed out that he was an idiot for staying with her, and that if she did it once, she'd do it again, and that if she hit him, think of what she'd do with children if they ever had any.

My mother always told us that if any of us ever hit our wives, the first person we'd have to answer to would be HER.
Gordon J Torture
Propaganda it is indeed.

Forum master, who wrote the letter originally??
Haggis McBagpipe
To me it reads like one of those email scam letters. Seems at the end of it there should be a request for money or a demand that it be forwarded to 'ten of your friends' with the resultant bad luck if you don't comply.

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