Magic Water, Peter Popoff, is this down right just wrong?

Frito lay
I was surfin through the TV stations and I happend to stumble buy this nut bar on TV, I was watching this guy LMFAO..... he was so funny. I thought I was watching Saturday night live, I realized after some time that this guy was real serious, what it boiled down to was he is selling Magical Water, I **** ya not!!!. Well I thought I would post this with a link for your entertainment [ (external - login to view)] Tell me this guy ain't real...... Whats this world coming to. Like in Cheech and Chong "what this world needs is one big shot of pencillan" LOL..... can I say that?
Ten Packs
Popoff has been around since hand-saws..... even a Pentacostal Minister in southern Missouri that I know dismisses him as a "self-centred materialist who soils The Word".

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