The Ever So Young Zen Gets Carded!!!

So there Zen and I were waiting in the check-out after our weekly beer run to the Grocery and I notice Zen fumbleing around with his wallet while talking to the pretty young checker. Being the jealous wife that I am, I start to silently go off, on the inside. As it turns out. Zen had been asked by the checker to show her his I D that he was 18 or older to buy all of that beer. You shoulda seen his face. As it was a beautiful, sunny day, Zen was wearing his,""Ain't I cool" outfit often worn by youngsters trying to look as cool as school. To show you how well he played the part, Zen was carded.
It almost made the $375.00 beer bill worth it.
Edgie I get carded at starbucks all the time...especially if I order a double expresso The baristia takes my pluse right afterward...I don't mind tho, when its samurai, Oi! I will show you what I am talkin bout when you come visit :P
its a good thing I'm not as jealous as Edge...Eh?

that he was 18 or older to buy all of that beer

Your avatar says Seattle, so isn't it 21 there not 18 like almost the rest of the planet?
19 for beer...but I'm 45. Getting carded is kinda weird at my age.
oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi oi!!!! I goes Edgies email, so I guess we will meet up on thursday Zen why can't you be normal and make it a friday Now I gots to take a day off work. I gots to get galaniomama to take a day off to! Ouch! Why can't you stay overnight You go back and let edgie stay!! I gots an extra pair of Dr. Seuss jammies you could borrow.....Now I gots to get the wothehell gang to start working on Edgie
Well...we aren't there yet. I may not get it off at all. A big project starts at work that week.As for staying overnight...we have animals to tend to. We may not be able to find a sitter for them. Nothing is definate at this point. Unfortunately the fall might be a better time.
I see..jilted for critters...thanks
Reverend Blair
Critters are always such a problem...getting somebody to look after them is tough. If Zen dressed up as a pirate, they'd likely let him bring the bird across though.

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