Interior Decoration

He can be anything he wants He was on the honor role all year in a new school too His mom doesn't know what to think
That's great mrmom...good job!!
I'm pretty proud of him i just hope he isn't buttering me up for a horror show
Quote: Originally Posted by Reverend Blair

John, the old dead guy across the street, was a machinist. It's a hell of a good trade and you learn a lot about other trades because you are always doing work for them.

Old dead guy across the street? Maybe you should call 911 then post the story in the 911 thread! You do always have good stories!
Reverend Blair
Nah, they took him away a long time ago. It was weird...he got new knees and was just starting to enjoy his retirement when he got pancreatic cancer. He was dead a few months later.

He could always be counted on to interrupt me when I was doing yard work and force me to sit in his backyard drinking beer. He was my favourite neighbour.
My neighbor like that quit drinking a couple of weeks ago I keep offering but he says no dice Good thing the other two still do

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