Well isn't this sweet, thanks little sisters, but I don't need defending :P I can do nicely on my own..and if I did need defending...I gots lots of yummy male friends with muscles that will do that I keep them around for such purposes :P and also for the eye appeal.
Yes I got rather upset, but I am good now...I just have a watermelon eating contest with some home support workers...blah! I did not win...but it was fun going head first into the pink stuff...bwhahahahhahaha. Your also correct about me having the mojo...I should start charging..I am sick and tired of having to make everyone laugh.

sidenote.....that cross dresser is a nice guy/girl....and he/her..has a really great garden
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

but it was fun going head first into the pink stuff...bwhahahahhahaha

Something you haven't been telling me, Pea????
I am taking about watermelon cosmos...my god you are so disquisting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! and my shoe size is 5 not 4, and I do not wear lipstick...except when I go hunting :P
Watermelon? Thought it was some new slang I hadn't heard ... I haven't been out for a while ya know

Hunting what???
nuttin.......... I don't need to hunt right now...I have a victim...I mean...hunting season is closed right now :P
Frito lay
Water Mellons Happen to be a fine treat, Actually it has been some amout of time since I have had a good chow down. Anyone got Watter Mellon? )

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