I need help looking for an apartment/house


I have to move out. This will be my fist time living alone. Does anyone have any good websites that will help me?

PLEASE, if you are going to give me a link, be specific. Not just "Hey, try Google!" Because that doesn't really help. I tried it, and all the ones I been to gives me apartment/houses with high rent prices. I have a very low income. So I am looking for something very cheap.

I am planning to get a place in the GTA.

So if you got any good sources, please help. Thanks.
I think not
www.gtarentals.ca/ (external - login to view)
Thanks for the link and fast reply. But most of the results given are $500-$1300 or more. I am looking for something around $300.

By the way, does my rent cover water and electricity? Like I said, this is my first time.
Reverend Blair
Sounds to me like you'll be needing a room-mate, living alone. Do you have any friends who are moving out too?
Unfortunately no.

I am pretty much alone here. And I am not willing to share rooms with a stranger. Same apartment is fine, but not same room.

All I need is a place to stay that is cheap. I don't need fancy furniture included nor a beautiful view out the window. It doesn't even have to have a window.

I am going through one of these difficult moments probably millions of young adults have to go through in the country.

I pretty had everything needed. Then the day comes that I have to move out and no one will be there for me anymore.

I will be losing connection with my relatives, both physically and in communications.

I only have a few friends, and they are all comfy with their family and home. They cannot help me because they are not experiencing what I am going through. And they probably won't be until they are finished with college/university or become financially stable.

If anyone got any additional advice they can give me, please do. Any programme out there available to help young adults in this situation? I only got enough money to support myself in the next 3 months. If I should fail to get a job, then you know what next.
Reverend Blair
There are support groups out there. They are generally provincial or run by the city though, so I don't know what's available in Toronto.

Saskatchewan used to have a program that ran out of the social services offices. It was specifically geared to youth who were in situations similar to yours. They helped a couple friends of mine...even got one of them enough help with student loans etc. to go to university. That was 20 years ago, but I'm sure that Ontario will have something similar.
Any idea what these kind of programmes are called?

Everytime I try to make a search, I end up with tourism, golf, gardening, commericials, etc. results when I type anything related to GTA or Toronto in Google.

EDIT: I just tried typing in 'toronto suport group' and I all I am getting are support groups for physical and mental illness. I am not good at using the Internet.
Reverend Blair
www.city.toronto.on.ca/socialservices/ (external - login to view)

These are a couple...both government run. They should be able to at least point you towards somebody who can help you. you might want to ask them about getting into a trades apprenticeship program too. I hear Ontario is still short of trades people and you can get paid while you learn that way.
I was reading this:


Financial need is determined according to family size, income, assets, and shelter costs, and is updated as circumstances change. For example, a single person can only have assets (either cash or specific items that can be easily converted to cash) valued at up to $520. For families, the asset limit is higher.

This means they will only help people with with nothing. And if someone has anything (asset), they will have to be convert (sold) for $520 or less?

I am not about to sell my clothes, computer, and other stuff for $520.

And what is this 'trades' thing?
Reverend Blair
Trades are carpenters, electricians, plumbers, drywall tapers...that sort of thing. The certification comes with a combination of school and on the job training. You get paid for the on the job training. When you're done, you get paid a substantially higher wage than a labourer.

As for the links I put up...don't just read the web sites. Phone them and make an appointment to talk to somebody. They may not be able to help you directly, but they will likely be able to point you towards somebody who can.
I'll give them a call in the late morning as it is 02:16 now for me. I'll see how it goes.

By the way, do you know anywhere I can submit my situation to and they review my story and let me know what I should do?

I am very paranoid that I won't be able to find a place to live in time or be able to get a job as I never completed high school and am 22 now. I don't want to end up in the streets or doing 'last resort' actions.
$300 a month in the GTA... wow I'm not sure thats possible. I lived in Mississauga and the rent there was high... unless you have a roommate...which doesn't entail actually sharing a room... it just means that you have someone live with you..they have their own room and you share the bills and the rent. The GTA is an expensive place to live. I live in a cheaper rent geared city and $300 for an apartment..even a bachelor..just ain't happening.

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