Meet the Genitailor


What's that mean? Think, um, designer ******s.
“Designer ******l surgery is on the cutting edge in terms of cosmetic surgery trends, no pun intended,” says Dr. Roy Jackson, a Vancouver obstetrician and gynaecologist who specializes in ******l and vulvar cosmetic augmentation procedures. Jackson is taking a lunch-break with me before his afternoon appointment at the False Creek Surgical Centre: a combined tummy tuck and “laser ******l rejuvenation.”

Don't worry boys, I am sure ***** wraps are just around the corner.
Jo Canadian
That's pretty freaky....ouch

Whilest were on this type of subject you should check out this device: The Rape Trap
Holy smoly ... that "rape trap" sounds like an excellent invention! Wouldn't pose a problem to anyone not raping people.
Wheres the pics Jo
Jo Canadian
Quote: Originally Posted by mrmom2

Wheres the pics Jo

unfortunately the toons required for this subject matter cannot be accessed without having to cruise some dirty sites...which will get me booted out from work, after all big brother is watching.

What I didn't understand about the article I posted was the negative response for the invention. I would've thought that tackleing a problem from different fronts would help rather than taking the one-and-only solution option, with rape you should be more pragmatic rather than romantic on finding solutions.
I think I can now say I've heard it all.

I thought that **** Bleaching was the height of vanity.......
Jo Canadian
Quote: Originally Posted by Twila

**** Bleaching

Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Now besides the obvious, what the hell is that supposed to accomplish....ewwwww.

Now besides the obvious, what the hell is that supposed to accomplish....ewwwww.

It would seem some people out there want their anus to look just like a porno stars....
I was going to post that article a couple of months ago It was a porno star that wanted it done she felt it was a little to dark back there
And there you have it.....

It's a lot more popular then any of us really knew........or needed to know.....or wanted to know...

But if I have to know something....then you all are going to know it too.
There once was a girl named Sue

who stuffed up her sweet parts with glue.

who said, "They'll pay to get in..."

"But they'll pay to get out too..."

The doctor who designed the "rape trap" hummed that little ditty all for the good of the cause...
Woot! thats we can all saveup for white *** holes..just who the hell is back there looking anyway
The camera Pea :P You sound a little horrified by the hole subject
Hey that was a hole in one eh mom :P Personally I just think only a dumb *** would want to white wash their **** hole...go paint a fence or something, or park your **** in a bucket of bleach for a few hours. What a waste of medical training, I said medical training, not potty training
HEHEHEHEH You are to funny park your *** in a bucket of bleach bwahhahahah
GL Schmitt
Quote: Originally Posted by mrmom2

. . . park your *** in a bucket of bleach . .

You don't bleach the whole thing, mrmom2, just the hole thing.

So, now you know why top porn stars get two to five thousand dollars for a day's work.
Ten Packs
This whole thread is just so..... I dunno...

*shuffles off to make one last drink, remember 1969, and go to bed.*

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