Hi i would like to introduce myslef. My name is Dale i am 16 yeas old and live in Scotland.About 10 years ago my family and i visited friends in Canada since then both familys have moed home and we no longer keep in touch,unfortunatley. Whilst in Canada we had a great time and one of the may thing i remember about it is juice.

Yes thats right juice.I Remembe the family i was staying wit hhad a bag of diffrent flavoured crystals/powder which you would mix in a jug with water to make a lovely drink.Since then me and my family have looked all over Britian and the Internet and cannot find them anywhere.

Idont even know the name of the crystal/powder. Can anyone please tell me the name of the crystals or email me with details where i can order them online.Or even better if you can send them over and i will send over money.

PLEASE HELP !! i cant go another ten years without them. lol

thank you very much (my email (external - login to view))
You either have "Koolaid" Or "Freshie". It is likely Koolaid cause freshie is long gone. The stuff is really cheap. Or it could be the Peach drink from M & M meats. Depends on whether you added sugar.
Do you know the brand or even the size of package? Was it small or large? Did it have colour?
Thank you you have been realy helpful. You didnt add sugar it was a white bad about size of your added 3 parts water 1 part powder.

flavours i can remember are : peach,pineapple,but where about 4 more
Hey, what part of Canada was this anyways?
just outside toronto
#7 came from back east...little packages of chemicals
I'm from outside toronto, and the only one I can think of is the M & M meat stuff. You didn't add sugar to it.

Go to M & M meat and see if there is a website.
Powder is usually KoolAid
I see a real opportunity here....
I think not
I don't think Kool Aid can be categorized as a juice. Doesn't juice imply something natural to it?
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