Hi, people ...need some help...plz..

Hi, people ... my real name is bashar.. i'm from egypt... and.. i want to go to a college in canada that teaches illustration, advertising and photography and stuff like that.. so what i need to know is in which country is there a college like that ... and if the place where the college is ... safe... and good... and is it too expensive...for foreign people to be taught in canada.. thanks,
Bashar....(i appreciate any help..)
Reverend Blair
Ryerson in Toronto is about the best for photography and film-making, X-Ray. I think they are likely the best when it comes to illustration and advertising too, although I'm positive on that.
GL Schmitt
There is a Canadian Government (external - login to view) site on the internet which includes a section for the International Student (external - login to view).

One neat feature is a specialized Search Program (external - login to view) to help you find information on Programs/Schools, Education Costs, Student Visas and other relevant information related to studying in Canada.

Good Luck!

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