1 month.....clean

Quote: Originally Posted by Reverend Blair

Housework is easy and...not to brag because I ain't exactly a chef...but I'm a way better cook than Mrs Rev.

I can't believe you said that with a straight face. :P
I wonder if your wife agrees about the housework, jay.
Reverend Blair

I can't believe you said that with a straight face.

I didn't...that's the magic of computers.

I am a better cook than Mrs. Rev though. All I need is a frying pan and some stuff. Or a frying pan and a pot if I'm making stew...although I'm sure you remember the pepper incident, Zen. Worst stew I ever tasted, never mind made.

Hmmm...think I'll make stew this weekend.
Hell....I can still taste the pepper stew. I pretty sure its the cause of the heartburn I feel today. I don't know ...unless Mrs. Rev has gotten worse over the years...
Reverend Blair
That was a one time incident, Zen. It was noteworthy though. I'm surprised we aren't dead. Jesus Christ that was bad. I don't even know how I did that...I'd only cooked stew a million times before.

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