Another afternoon pit-stop.

Ten Packs
Back for lawn/laundry duty. Have had a great string of weather since the last day I posted - clear skies and near 30 c/mid-80's f. There is talk today of building thunderheads; that's often how hot spells turn out here.

We had quite the weekend, bought a couple yards of 3/4 aggregate crush from the park owner and spread it over some old tarp material. We now have a nice "driveway" and walking area up to the deck and trailer stairs. First time we go out after Bert returns to work, I'll get her to borrow the digi-cam again for pics.

Wound up having an impromptu "party" Friday night - ours was the fire that three other couples gravitated to for the evening, which wound up lasting until after 1.... it was getting pretty wobbly by then.

Sunday, we drove to see my Dad for his 89th birthday - he's holding up fairly well these days.

Well, out to change the water, and then look around the Forum a bit - should be here a couple more hours before heading back to the lake.
You lucky dog Ten I just came out of the mill and probably going back in later tonight
Ten Packs
Well, I guess a guy could say "lucky" - but then when I started working, the Beatles were still recording ALBUMS.... so, I think of it more as "justice".

Actually, my favourite way of looking at it is from the Comedy Channels motto:
"Time Well Wasted."

Back in for a day or so, as you would understand, mom - pretty cruddy weather right now, so screw it until Friday. Supposed to be a better weekend.

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