Moving Stories

Derry McKinney
No not stories that move you, stories about moving. I think Cosmo likely has one or two.

Here's a short one to get started.

We were helping a friend move, since we own trucks. When you own a truck you move people a lot. Usually they buy beer, which is good. Sometimes they own heavy things, which is bad.

Anyway, we were helping this friend move and two of us picked up the bed. Dangling from the each leg was a nylon stocking with knots in it. My friend's girlfriend looked at the nylons, looked at us, turned red, and ran away.
Exactly the same thing happened to my friend ... only it was her father who was moving the bed. hee hee

I'm in the middle of yet another move and it is testing my procrastination abilities to the max. I hate moving. We did hire moving guys to do the heavy lifting, tho. I figure after 40 I don't have to do that crap anymore. If I can't afford movers, I'll stay where I am. Unfortunately there are still odds and ends ... as well as the mess from hell ... at the other place.

When I was younger I moved 18 times in 2 years. I'm pretty good at it. Funny thing, tho ... the older you get the more it seems like work. I don't know if I've just acquired too much junk (true) or if I'm out of energy.

Either way, I just walked the demon dog and am going for a nap. At least I got out in the sunshine for a while!
Derry McKinney
18 times in two years? Are you sure your name isn't really Mike?

What is it with people aquiring junk as they get older? Why do we do that? And why do we save stuff? I used to be able to put everything I owned in the trunk of a car. Then I needed a pickup truck. If I had to move now I'd need a semi for the crap I never use and another for the things I might use again someday. Everything I need would still fit in the back of a pick-up truck though.
I helped a friend move who liked to collect stuff. Most of her boxes were quite light. I was able to stack a couple on top of each other.

I also helped her to unpack. She's physically disabled. Bad hips. Bad knees. I was on my 5th box of plastic containers (no lids. Figured they must have been in 5 different boxes) when I came across a plastic container that had rust in the bottom. In my mind it seemed worth throwing away. After all she had a million other containers....she got mad. Turns out that particular plastic margerine container had some kind of sentimental least I figured it must since she got very angry and asked me to leave.
I just moved accross the country in Feb. I had to move with my cat. We drove in a U-Haul from Victoria to Ottawa. He would usually meow for half an hour then stop. In between Moose Jaw and Regina my cat started to meow. I soon figured out why. The smell was awful. So on highway 1 in the middle of nowhere I had to stop and toss my cat in a snowbank to clean him up. I scrubbed most of it off, then the cat cage and drove the rest of the way to Winnipeg. At my cousins I asked if we smelled funny. He suggested a shower, for me and the cat.

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