Just checking in.

Ten Packs
Back home from the lake for lawn/laundry this afternoon - actually, the lawn looks like it can hold off 'til next time, so straight to watering.

Internet Cafe' at the lake is out of business. I kinda wondered earlier, because there are not a lot of year-round residents out there, probably under a thousand on the whole north shore of the West arm. We went for a drive to St. Ive's the other day, which is where you run out of pavement and a full-width road.

Weekend wasn't bad, mixed sun/cloud high around 20. Turned a bit poor for late Monday and yesterday, chilly with even a brief shower - had to turn the heat on last night. Today back to glorious sun and 24/75 and by Saturday, forecast is 30/86. Now we're talking!
("It's a dry heat", LMAO!
Darned expensive, but I may rent a Sea-doo for an hour or so, and take my wife out - never been on one, but it must be similar to riding m/c's...

Met several of the neighbouring couples, everyone nice so far. One thing really surprised me: how many (way over half!) SMOKE! It's like going back 30 years - at least we have lots of company.

Well, that's about all for now; have to catch up on the latest both here and another site I belong to.
Sounds like you had a good vacation ten paks. The shuswap lakes are a paradise I did one of those houseboat trips with a gaggle of friends years ago.

*checks for spelling and grammar errors*
Ten Packs
Sorry, I guess I wasn't too clear - just here for the afternoon, then back out. (We only live an hour away.)
Ten Packs
Well, nearly 4 pm, so time to head off to the lake again.

Don't burn the place down while I'm away, gang!

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