General Rant

Frappuccino Dibs
Is anybosy else here having as lousy a day as me

See - I can't even spell anybody

Cheer me up now - I dare you
Hey frappie....maybe I should send a double mocha frapp your way. Something to cheer you up...okay...the sun is shining here, whoa its gonna be one of those BC moments all day....Whats got you all blahed out frap? I hear william is walkin now...maybe thats it :P
Frappuccino Dibs
William is great - he always cheers me up.

Yeah, send me a double mocha Frapp - damn hot in this office.

At least I'm finished in 30 minutes.
Frappuccino Dibs
As for whats screwed up my day:

It seems that everybody and everything was put on this Earth to give me a hard time today.

Still, can't really grumble. It's good weather for it and Christmas will soon be upon us.

Soon be monday as well - theres nothing quite like the start of a new working week
Well, Frapp, if misery loves company, I may be able to help. Today, so far, has been good (touch wood!!!). The preceeding 24 hours, however, was the day from hell. Monday I felt like crap, but dragged myself out to get a few groceries. I got home, hopped out of the truck and the minute I slammed the door, I realized I'd locked BOTH sets of keys in the truck.

I tried everything to get in. No luck. I dragged my carcass back up to the 15th floor, called a locksmith and had to pay a man to break into my truck. Of course he only accepted cash, so I'm digging through my wallet finding the last of the parking loonies and toonies to make up the amount.

I woke up yesterday with only half a brain. It was my 2nd day on a new job and I managed to make it memorable. I insulted the owner ... he drives one of those new Mercedes "Smart Cars". Ugly little beasts. I told him it looked like something Fred Flintstone drove. Not impressed. I managed to screw up 2 jobs and then, just to top it all off, discovered I'd been walking around for hours with my fly undone. My co-worker thought it was pretty funny -- she said, "Congratulations!! It's a girl". Ok, that was kinda funny. On the way home I nearly caused a 3 car pile up trying to exit the gas station into rush hour traffic then my dog bit me when I tried to put lotion on her tummy.

So today has to be better. And what catastrophes have you been experiencing?
Well frap you never met the cosmos when you were here, she would not get outta bed to come over...yes all three days You just missed frito lay....he was here, you will remember him as the individual who drives that red VW TDI....Shawn just brought me a morning lattie, he says to say hey to you and Mrs dibbs and william.
Hopefully we we all meet again down by the river.
Frappuccino Dibs
Cosmo - Yep, that does sound like a pretty lousy day.

Good luck on the new job though.

Smart cars DO look like something the Flintstones would drive though. You were right about that

My day just consists of various people around the world wanting answers to things that the hardware seems to not to want to let me work on. All very complex and stuff I probably shouldn't be talking about.
Frappuccino Dibs
Pea: please say 'Hi' to everyone we met at yours. We will be over again at some point - to see the damn house we're buying at least

I hope the vase is still sitting in a prime place and it hasn't been relagated to the toilet yet :laugh:
Yes my lovely piece of Poole pottery is still sitting in the best spot in the house, admired by all, only hidden when me mother comes would probally "accidently" fall into her purse

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