Is a coffee enema scientifcally beneficial

Frito lay
My *** has been acting up latley, I have done a little reading on the internet. My question for you self proclaimed intelects, is there health benefits with a coffee enema? or does it fall under the same witch Doctor science as ear cones? I have found mixed messages,the research has been a real pain in the ***. Please could some help me get my but out of this situation.
Can you believe people I had to babysit this little monsta!! he is fixated on coffee enema's but he really can fish...Whoa!!! you should see the straping buck in his waders on the river...stealth, vey stealth...than....he opens his mouth...nuff said :P
I say Go for it! You only live once. Just be careful you don't become addicted.....There is no 12 step program for that. I'm sure.
Frito lay
Twila, 12 steps? is there not 13? Butt thank you for helping save my ***. keepin it simple, would that the bag or the syringe?
Syringes are for mainlining coffee. Something that should never be done....I'm not sure how a bag would's not like cyphoning gas.........
Frito lay
Twila, thank you soooo....much for the info and advise as I have heard from Peapod that one Coffee enema is to many and a thousand is not enough...
You bastard!!!!!! you got that avatar from sparky!!! Get rid of it, I mean it!!! or I will lock you in your bedroom with just a banana ....Come on its gross...and I have heard tell that the 13 step is one of your favorites.

Why are you stll here????????
Frito lay
Don't tell everyone....Pea Pod
Frito lay
Who the hell is Sparky...Looks more like Gordon Campbell to me
Look that avatar is not acceptable either... janice is sparky... sparky is just her fake name, but don't tell anybody. Your coffee trot thread has made me want a lattie, of which I will drink down the appropriate hole, if you catch my not fishing the other kind....later gater
Frito lay
Ok ok I will change it as I know most folks are not as excepting as myself....or is that sick

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