Hola Frito Lay!!!

How the heck are ya? Last time I saw you, you had a machine up yer nose. All healed and well, I trust?

Nice to see you hanging with the Canadian Content crew. It's a good way to keep tabs on Peapod ... every once in a while we let one of her skeletons out of the closet. Maybe you can find some good blackmail ammo if you spend some time here!

Anyway, nice to see ya.

A machine up his nose Ya it was one of those rovers and it was looking for brain matter :P

pfffffffffft, If anyone has blackmail, its me His sister is my best friend, in fact his family is my family, and visa versa. Except his family is whole lot stranger than mine. Yes we use to have to "babysit" frito, forced we were and we did not like it So we may have been a little harsh, I don't remember actually But he turned out to be a real fishermen Still needs the occassional nooglie tho.
Frito lay
Cosmo, I am doing just fine. How are you? I hope I don't fry my brain on here like some one I know on here, can't tell you the name but initials are Pea Pod
looks like that rover didn't find a dam thing :P
frito! glad to see you munching your way around here....how did ya make out fishing?
mama don't encourage him to type Have you read his stuff yet He is just doing it on purpose tho
well, afterall he learned at the 'feet of the master' so to speak....hmmm, no wonder he has certain traits.
nice to see you to bitch
Frito lay
Hi Mama,

I seem to be finding my way around here LMAO. Some people just don't seem to have the same humor as myself, oh well. Fishing you ask, well, I have not been able to get out as I have my daughter and grandson are here visiting. Next week will be full of fishing adventure and maybee I will hook a slab. i could bring it over to PEE POT's house and we could through it on the Barbie. Maybe Cosmo would also join us. Stay tuned.....
I got a better idea, hows about we all go to your house and make a mess Your the one with a new barbie grandpa...hehehehe a grandpa @42 hahahahahahahahahhahaahhaha
later grandpa
Frito lay
By all means PEE POT just load up your car and head on down, and please don't bring any of them nut bars from Starbucks.. Oh, buy the way you left your box of Depends here from your last visit.
Frito lay
Burn? am I missing somthing here?
Its called roast Peapod
Your missing something alright...a full deck of cards Blah! I left those there for you grandpa....so you could practice on that doll you got stashed in the closet..so grandpa could learn to change his grandson's diapers....I know she comes in handy for other things to. mmmmmmmmmmm, well next time you show up at starbuck, when the space ship lands, I will be sure to pass on your compliament to the visitors

via con de ***....grandpa
Frito lay
Pardon me, PEE POT, I have have some concerns about your mental health, this space ship you are talking about is it shaped like a cigar? Is anyone on board name James? do you see this craft in other parts of your world?
Blah! what a lame come back frito baked You sure to enjoy yourself at my starbucks...I will see about getting you banned from there your snoop doggy poo impression was getting quit bugging me or I will tell the board about west virginia mountain mama....hehehehehhehehhe
Dirt do tell P
Ya, I could write an epic novel mom, perhaps you will learn all at the hole in the wall, in stinkyville, crofton....I am sure half baked will join us. He is a number one fishermen mom, its the only reason I let him hang around with me
Frito lay
Lies, Lies I tell you!!! Bring on the dirt, I dare you actually I double dare you, infact make that Infinity dare.
Vanni Fucci
Sometimes I'm bored...

And so what do I do when I'm bored, you ask?

Why I make up anagrams of peoples' names, of course.

For instance, the name Frito Lay:

Ail Forty
Fail Tory
Frail Toy
Royal Fit
and my personal favourite...

Oily Fart...

Thanks for playing... :P

Peapod, you're next...
Just so you know. Freezy juice coming out the nose does in fact burn!

Thanks for that Vanni!


I refuse to become a rhinoceros twinks, but you go right ahead.

wel grey does suit me. I've always wanted to be larger....and having a large horn on my head would certainly be a topic starter........

When my daughter was young she and I use to ride the bus around Victoria....We'd also remove the thorns from blackberry bushes and stick them to our noses....while riding the bus....most people refused to do more then glance once. But little kids.....they loved to look. We actually felt particularily bad for 1 small girl who's mom got mad at her for staring at us! ah. Those were the days....when I could be silly with my daughter and she like it. Now....it embarrasses her.
Frito lay
I like it, I like it alot. LMAO Thank you Vunni Fetachinni.
You gave me some good memory ("Sometimes I'm bored") my little Girl said the same thing to me she would get so choked at me when I told her "your bored because your boring" Keep up the good work it is a real treat to see you actually have some humor stored away in your PC
Vanni Fucci
Glad you liked it Frito...

It's a horsy thing to do, right pea...
What the hell???? You put your real picture in your avatar, your just showing off cause you can fly a plane
hehehehe...yes toby told me the same thing vanni...a very cleaver horse that toby
I cannot believe you stuck your own mugshot up there half baked, and mom I cannot really say much about half baked adventures, he has threatened to tell little coho, my arch enemy about this board. There is no way that little cheating bitch is coming to here
Frito lay
Thank you all for the cheap fun I have had here, I can't see myself continuing to hang out here, I have fun things to do like getting back into flying, fishing, camping and enjoying the company of my real friends who actually have a real face and a voice that can be heard. To much time wasted punching a silly key board. Vunni I will allways think of you when I have a Oily Fart....you ROCK!!

Smell ya Latter
Sorry to see you go Frito I liked your rips at the Podifer
Febble attempts at best mom, he does the same thing in real life. In fact I think his parting message was directed at me A sutle frito lay swipe ...he'll be back....hes always looking for me. I am the only one that can outwit and out play him on a river See on Saturday half baked.
Good luck Frito lay.

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