What is a duffus??

What your idea of a duffus?? what makes a duffus tick? Can one spot a duffus right away?
To me a duffus is someone who acts silly for the sake of acting silly. They're harmless and fun to be around.
A duffus is how Homer and friends order a beer at Moe's.
Good one, zen.
Jo Canadian
I thought it was spelled Doofus? Oh, well. They both mean the same thing in my books.
I was trying to figure out the "real" spelling, but nothing I came up with looked right. I think you got it, though.
Indeed, the correct spelling is "doofus". Any Doofus knows that! Here's the definition from the urban dictionary:

1. doofus
Someone who hasn't got a clue!
They live in blissful ignorance of the world, fashion, personal hygiene and social skills.

Invariably laughs like a baboon being repeatedly punched.
"That bloke is a total dufus"
"He laughs like a fat, useless dufus! Lets promote him!"
THere ya go... blissful ignorance.
How bad can that be?
Bubbles on "Trailer Park Boys"..a total doofus.
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