Happy Mother's Day

Hard-Luck Henry
Happy Mother's Day to Galianomama, Twila, mrmom2, and all you other mums.
I think mom is gonna get his six shooter out now bigH
Thank you...

I'll extend the same to all the Moms on board...
Reverend Blair
Maybe some of you mothers can fill me on this. Every Mother's Day my mother-in-law insists that we all get together at her house. That leves her doing the cooking and cleaning, because she won't let anybody help with it.

Every year my brother-in-law offers to have it at his house and we offer to have it here, but she insists that it be at her house. What's up with that?
Oops, I posted this again in Community Centre
Jo Canadian

ha! just saw the cartoons, they are way too good!

love the one with the dog on the couch!

yeah, what's with the whole thing on mom's day when she demands the family be there. i am the same way. some sort of self destruct mechanism i think. this year though, i played it right....the kids went to their dad's for dinner with their step mom (who loved it!) and i got to go out for dinner and martinis. nice change. smooth move. first time. gotta love it.


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