Construction season

Reverend Blair
It's construction season in Winnipeg. For the second day in a row men with hardhats have blocked my driveway with heavy equipment. They've also got the road blocked off for a half a block in either direction. If something bad happened right now, the ambulance guys would have to walk in.

Why all this equipment? Why all these men with hardhats? I have no idea. Most of them are standing around...of course most of them have white hardhats, so their job is to stand around.

No, they aren't city workers. They aren't with any of our publicly-owned utilities either. They are from a privately owned company.

I'm tired of construction season already.
Well we never tire of construction season around here rev...especially when they don't wear shirts :P
Jo Canadian
PEI has something like that. I call them Government make-work projects so they have enough hours to collect EI in the winter.

I've actually seen 6 people to fill a pothole (about 1'x1') -No it's not one of those how-many-does-it-take jokes. Two guys were were working on the hole, one was flagging the road with a sign and I'll be damned if I knew what the others were there for.

Besides that, what they usually cover the potholes up will crumble when it gets a little wet and cold out, so there will always be work.
Out here to Jo. Its amazing how many guys it takes to fill a hole in. Same with telus, 5 or 6 always around a manhole. Of course with telus, they could just be hiding out from customers
Hard-Luck Henry
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

Well we never tire of construction season around here rev...especially when they don't wear shirts :P

:P I know all about you and your ***-watching adventures. I bet you love a bit of 'builder's cleavage'.

ack henry, you are on to pea.....i usually fit her up with a bib before she goes downtown, that way the foaming at the mouth can be wiped away in a momento!
Look!!! I watched Saturday night live! and one of my brothers is a plumber. I do not like seeing the crack of an ***!!! no matter what gender. I like to use my imagination

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