05/05/05 !

Ten Packs

I just realized what Today IS!!! (well, I'm cheating a tad, out here. I'm staying up past Midnight, the night before.)

This aint gonna happen for another 101 years (06/06/06)!
I kinda think I might have other pressing commitments before that. But here's to the folks that celebrate it!

Rick van Opbergen
Ehh Ten Packs, isn't there a 06/06/06 next year? Today is the date when is celebrated back here that the Netherlands was liberated 60 years ago (officially, that is). Sadly enough, some 250,000 Dutch were by then not able anymore to witness that liberation
Frappuccino Dibs
Hey guys & Gals theres going to be a 'Wednesday' in 78 years time!

Whos up for a damn big party for that one then?

Sorry Ten Packs!


yeah, I don't particularily like those numbers.
Leave poor Ten Packs alone you naty bunch!!
Ten Packs
That's what happens when you get up before 6 am - and are still up 18 hours later.

I'm never getting up THAT EARLY again!
Hard-Luck Henry
Quote: Originally Posted by EmmaDibbs

Leave poor Ten Packs alone you naty bunch!!

How poor can he be with a name like Ten Packs? Ah ... On reflection, that's probably WHY he's poor.
I only get up before 6 am if I am catching a flights or something...not very often...it's still night then in my opinion!
Reverend Blair
I only get up before six if the white dog tells me to. Every day between 5:00 and 5:30 there she is.
Ten Packs
Shoot the dog - get more sleep.
I recently read that researchers found old bible text saying that the beast number is 616, not 666.
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